The Milwaukee Aquarium Society is Milwaukee’s oldest fish hobbyist organization, helping to promote the hobby in Milwaukee since 1955. Building on our rich heritage, we have grown to 50 members, representing a combination of individuals and family memberships.

The interests and experience levels of our members vary from people who are just starting out in the hobby to experts who have received national recognition for their accomplishments. We are proud of the many members who boast 30 years or more of aquatic hobby experience.

Whether you’re looking for a mentor to learn from or just a great group of people to hang out with, you can find a place with MAS. Our members also receive discounts at many of our local fish stores, as well as the chance to participate in our annual MAS picnic and the MAS Christmas party.

Membership Dues

Individual:  $15/year

Family: $20/year

How to Join

Simply complete our online form or print off this form (link to PDF) and bring it with payment to our next event. Our membership chair will assign you a member number, issue you a card and you will be one of an elite group of hobbyists celebrating Milwaukee’s legacy in the aquatic hobby arts.

Join the MAS at any event, or contact