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Key academic writing rules and conventions every student needs to be aware of



You can learn a lot of things when it comes to academic writing. It is very precise writing that allows you to refine your writing and move towards becoming a professional essay writer. You can learn all these rules which are implied in academic writing with a little effort. Usually, teachers in high schools and colleges teach these rules in the English language course. Knowing a rule is one thing and applying it to a specific form is another. Students often face difficulty while writing an academic paper and loss marks if they write it themselves. 







Usually, academics call all these rules *writing conventions* in a lingual term. Basically, these are some rules which should be followed and applied when you want to write a research paper or masters' thesis. These rules help you to produce an excellent document with a chance to get an ‘A’ grade. Remember that the purpose of academic writing is to inform and communicate; you should consider these things before writing your paper. An academic document does not entertain the reader so do not think from the wrong direction. I am writing down some important writing conventions by following these you can produce an excellent document.



Academic writing conventions



The following principles are very important for writing an academic document. You can avoid any potential mistakes by following these important points.



Start from an outline



The nature of the outline may differ in the case of a write my essay or a research paper but the content remains the same. You should make a table of content for a research paper and a proper outline in case of an essay.



Proper use of pronouns



You should avoid writing any first, second, or personal pronouns as these are unnecessary in an academic document. Words like 'I,' 'you,' or 'it' can have a very negative impact on the reader. Such words do not have any legit space in writing convention i.e. if you would use the word 'you' it would mean that you are talking about a reader or examiner. Instead of saying "I experimented. This made Robert anger," in academic writing, you should say 'I conducted research and my findings made Robert angry.'



Write in an active voice



Sometimes the irrelevant use of voice delivers a very negative impact. Your focus should be to write every sentence in an active voice. Just try to figure out who is acting in a sentence and start your sentence from it. Do not use passive voice i.e. instead of saying ‘It has been demonstrated by some experts that’ say ‘Jones and Smith (2020) demonstrated that…’



Different options to edit



After the completion of your document, you do not need to exceed your word limit. Your first draft may contain more words than the original limit cutting it down to designated words can be hectic. You should need to follow the rules of editing. It is difficult to decide what should go and what should stay. Just make sure you do not erase any necessary information.



Figure of speech



Generally speaking, there are eight different types of figures of speech and you need to know every one of them. In an academic document, you should know about metaphor, onomatopoeia, alliteration, personification, submerged, synecdoche, and hyperbole. It would help you to write essay for me in a desirable manner. Sometimes you need to be extra vigilant while using these principles as it requires utmost expertise.



Sentence structure



It is the core of your paper and you need to follow proper sentence structure. You should keep your sentences to the point and short. It should not contain any fragments and longer sentences as it would be difficult to understand. For example, if your sentence exceeds more than two lines then it is too long. A good sentence should only be a maximum of two lines.



Paragraphs length



Every paragraph should be in a flow and the reader must have a basic idea about a paragraph by reading the first sentence. A good paragraph should only consist of ten lines; it means your every paragraph should be relatively small. Ten lines mean you should only write five to eight sentences in a paragraph. Just make sure that you only discuss one idea in a paragraph so that a reader does not get confused.



Complex concepts



There are quite chances that sometimes you need to add or discuss some complex ideas and concepts in your paper. If you do not know or are unable to comprehend those concepts then do not include in your paper. It would confuse the reader and you would not be able to achieve your purpose. It also includes muddled writing as it is thought to be muddled thinking. Just comprehend an idea first and explain it in simple words in your paper or seek a paper writing service help.



Clarity: A golden principle



Clarity is very important for any academic writing – do not use jargon and other complex words. Once you are done with your paper just give it to a mediocre person if he understands every word of it then it means you are good to go. If you think a term is difficult to understand just explain it in small brackets or a simple sentence.



Rule of 80/20 and a first draft



You must start writing the first draft before actually writing your paper. In the first draft just write rough ideas and then organize them in the final draft. Do not include references in the first draft but the ideas would help you to find the relevant data by searching for the relevant terms or else consider an essay writing service.



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